MIP – Online

This online program is an initiative of the Barrie Mediation Centre not the Ministry of Attorney General.

We heard loud and clear from lawyers and clients in Simcoe County and Muskoka that this program needed to be available online. We also heard that you wanted to be able to complete the MIP at your convenience instead of issues like …  work, transportation, babysitting, disabilities…  So, we’ve done it!  This is a basic program available in English and French.

MIP is still a mandatory program for all new applicants and respondents in family court. This online program is the very same script that is read at the MIP session. It will takes one and a half to two hours to complete just as it would if you went in person to one the the MIP sessions. Unfortunately with this basic program it must be done all at one time.

You’ll view slides that  have written information while people are reading the script designated for each slide (adjust your speakers on your computer for volume). When the slide is finished you will press ‘next’ and it will begin the next slide. There will also be a true/false question at the end of each Module that allows you to continue on.

To Get your Certificate you will need to fill information similar to this sample:

Name: __________ Phone #:___________ Email: _______________ (address you want certificate sent to)
Assigned MIP date: (given to you by court office)    Your Court Location: (which court were you to attend a MIP)

When you hit “submit” a page of local resources will appear with links to all the sites. You will then receive an email confirming the above information and that you completed the MIP online. (If you don’t see it – please check to see if it went in your junk-mail/spam folder but then contact us – we will always have a copy if for some reason you did not get a yours. You should print the page and take it with you to your first appearance date given to you by the court office. When you hand this in to the court clerk it will be your proof of completing the Mandatory Information Program.