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The Family Law Information Centres are closed at the courthouses. 

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We have a mediator available everyday to respond to your inquiries.

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Mediation preserves relationships
and sets you on a new path faster

When you feel empowered, you can find a resolution.

You can find a positive resolution without going to court

Let us help you work out your issues and preserve your important relationship.

Workplace Woes?

Our individual meetings help to level the playing field and protect our clients.

We are here to help

Our goal is to have a panel of accredited mediators, facilitators, arbitrators, trainers, and coaches who are respected in their field.  We want to meet the needs of our community – resolving conflict together is what we believe in!

You can find a positive resolution without going to court

There is another option, and the Barrie Mediation Centre can help alleviate unneeded financial and emotional stress.


Why use Mediation

It is much quicker, less stressful and usually cheaper than heading straight to court

separation/divorce mediation intake

Who can use mediation?

Mediation is open to anyone affected by family breakdown including separation, divorce and common-law.


Arbitration is a process whereby parties refer their family law dispute to an experienced and knowledgeable neutral lawyer –an arbitrator.

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Bill Eddy

Bill Eddy

Bill Eddy is a director of the High Conflict Institute of San Diego, a lawyer, mediator and social worker.  He has written countless books on how to manage difficult people. Bill recently was a key note speaker at the Simcoe County Family Law Conference.  Did you know...

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