Coaching – Separated Parents

Emotional reactions often get in the way of gaining insight and perspective about conflict. Often in a crisis we know what needs to be done but cannot see a path to get there.

A conflict coach can help a person or separated couple work through difficult times that arise through this change. The coach can help clear the path so people can move on.

Unlike counseling, the coach brings his/her professional experience, insight and knowledge into the coaching relationship. Their knowledge of the impact of separation on children as well as their knowledge of Family Court, can help clients work productively in the best interest of their children. The coach can help them develop parenting skills, creatively solve problems and make decisions about ways they can be stronger for their own family.

Couples can work with a coach to discover ways to remove their children out of the middle of this conflict. However, one parent can have a coach help them process and make good decisions as to how they should behave with their children and ex during separation or divorce.

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