Time is always of the essence on a construction project. Yet, there are many occurrences during the course of a project that can interfere with the completion of the work:

  • Changes in project design or work to be completed
  • Shortage of skilled and unskilled labour
  • Disputes over quality of work performed
  • Material defects and breaks in supply lines
  • Safety and insurance deficiencies
  • Labour relations issues
  • Disputes over costs, invoices and payment of contract fees

We provide dispute resolution to assist the construction parties to put in place acceptable interim and permanent solutions to allow for the completion of a construction project on time.

Construction Mediation
Whether a construction project is big or small, conflicts on the job site can be expensive and can cause great emotional anguish. Court cases can be costly and can go on for a long time. Relationships can be damaged and partnerships can be affected all causing disruptions to productivity and profits.

Mediation can help parties avert hostility on the job site by addressing issues as they arise between workers, supervisors, suppliers etc. When issues arise, parties to a dispute can sit with a trained neutral party to help them air their concerns and find workable solutions. When conflicts get resolved, the job site works in better harmony and profitability is enhanced.