New  Agreement to Mediate with Technology form for use only when family mediation must use communication technology with Zoom/Skype


  1. Mediation Intake   new separations, review and changes to old separation agreement, change of circumstances , custody/access, grandparent access, child and spousal support, property, pension, complicated financials
  2. Arbitration Inquiries  When mediation can not assist, when parties can not negotiate each others positions and do not want to go to court, when a matter needs to be decided without court.
  3. Coaching Inquiries  When one or both parents struggle with the new unexpected life, when it’s hard to follow a parenting plan, when you cant get past the anger to allow whats best for you and children


  1. Marital Mediation Inquires  blended families, communication
  2. Extended Family Disputes inquiries teen, seniors, siblings,
  3. Estate Inquiries Wills, estate planning


Workplace Inquiries co-workers, employer/employee, customers

Civil Inquiries real estate, construction, neighbours, contractors