Claudette Reimer

Claudette Reimer is passionate about her work as a family relations mediator. She has completed over 1000 onsite and offsite mediations and has helped families lower conflict levels through mediated discussions. Some of Claudette’s mediations occur with separated parents on their court day but she also helps parents develop parenting plans in offsite mediation.

By bringing parents to an even table, Claudette’s advanced mediation skills help parents shift the way they communicate with each other and lower their conflict level. In a caring and neutral environment, parents can engage in the process of building a parenting plan which outlines a parenting structure, enhances communication and includes strategies for long term conflict resolution. Claudette is also a family coach – helping parents adapt to the new environment of separation.

Claudette provides subsidized family mediation as well as accepts private mediation and coaching at a rate of $200/hr.

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