Our Centre offers a very unique training experience.  We do not use power point, and we pride ourselves on our interactive approach.  Since students learn differently, we aim to engage them with a variety of teaching methods.  From lecture type presentations to exercises that have students shifting theory to practice, to group brainstorming, to role plays, to guest appearances, the training ensures everyone gets what they need to learn.

We believe in small interactive groups – we only train 6 students at a time.  When you consider the trainers have a combined 40 years of mediation experience, and the fact that the teacher student ratio is 1:3, it is not surprising the student satisfaction surveys are so positive. Lisa and Claudette have two very different mediation and teaching styles for the Family Mediation and Domestic Abuse.  After over 10 years of training together, they play on each other’s strengths and the training is a lot of fun.  Lisa and Carrie make the Family Law course interactive and relaxed. We are approved trainers for OAFM so our training is designed to meet their standards for accreditation.