Power Imbalances and Abuse in the Workplace

Workplace abuse is an everyday occurrence. It does not often present itself through acts of physical violence, but can develop from verbal disputes, harsh words, or unfair or discriminatory treatment.

We provide corporate safety and human resources training, seminars and workshops designed for workplace parties including employers, managers, supervisors, unions and workers covering the following:

  • Identifying signs of violent or aggressive behaviours in others
  • Understanding the link between workplace harassment and workplace violence
  • Understanding the impact of inappropriate or disrespectful behaviours on others
  • Counseling and conflict resolutions techniques
  • Employer’s legal obligations under Bill 168
  • Resolving the legal conflict between safety and privacy
  • Risk assessment and safety measures to secure the worksite

Programs are developed specifically for each workplace and may be designed for senior management, all management and supervisory staff, human resources staff, occupational health & safety staff or joint health & safety committees, or all workers.