We would like to take some time and inform you about our administrative process for subsidized family mediations at the Centre. Mediation is voluntary and confidential.

  1. Both parties completing a family intake form will allow a file to be opened.  If there are any restraining orders, probation orders etc, – we must have a copy of that document to confirm that you are able to communication with the party.
  2. We review the file, determine which mediator would best service your needs/issues as addressed on the intake form.
  3. You will be contacted by the Centre to let you know the mediator’s name as well as discuss your user fees. The user fee is based on your individual annual income (including spousal support, other income) and the number dependents you support.
  4. Within a few weeks you will receive a call from your mediator to schedule your individual appointment. There is no charge for this one hour appointment. You will then have an opportunity to discuss in detail the issues you feel are truly important to you. The mediator’s job in this individual is to understand your issues, your concerns, your fears and anxiety. The mediator may screen your file out because of an extreme power imbalance or your fears and concerns.
  5.  Approximately 80% of cases proceed to mediation. Your hourly user fee is for mediation time and 1 hour for the mediation report. The sessions are often 2 hours in length. The mediator may give you some ‘homework’, or time to think about options, or receive legal advice. We find the second session gets the most work done and the third session, if needed completes the process.  Our average mediation time per file is 5 hours.  This should not be a long process.
  6.  When the mediation is complete, the mediator will prepare and sign your Mediation Report indicating in detail what you both agreed to in mediation.  If you want a legally binding agreement, a lawyer would put it into Minutes of Settlement if you are in the court system or prepare a legal separation agreement if you are not.

intake form