The Ministry of Attorney General subsidizes family mediation through selected service providers.  We have been a service provider for family courts in our area since 1995.

Covid-19 Alert – we have a mediator on-call each day for inquiries

We have two forms of subsidized family mediation classified by the Ministry – Off-site and On-site. Both types of mediation are predominately using Zoom however, some clients prefer in-person with precautions and guidelines.

Off-Site Family Mediation is when you are not in court  or you may have a court date but your issues to resolve are comprehensive (spousal, property, financial and children).

You each begin with a one hour individual meeting – there is no charge for this.  This meeting allows you to tell your story and for the mediator to listen and determine whether mediation is appropriate for you.  We will not waste your time or money. We have found that approximately 85% of mediations are able to continue. Some reasons that it wouldn’t go ahead might be fear or readiness.

Subsidized means you will be assessed a user fee for your mediation sessions.  There is a sliding scale based on your individual income (includes spousal, rent, other income) and how many dependent children you have living with you.  For an example $30,000 income with 2 children – you would pay $10.00/ hour.  $60,000 income with 2 children – you would pay $70.00/hr etc.

The judge may even suggest you have a discussion with the mediator before continuing with your case. However, remember mediation is always voluntary. Courts are happy to work in conjunction with our mediation service.  The judge may adjourn your case or make an interim order, on the understanding that mediation is going to continue away from the court.

On-Site Court Mediation is when you have a pending court date, so someone (court staff, judge, lawyer) recommended mediation in regard to all issues related to your children. We used to be in the courthouses doing this – now we hear from you about the upcoming court date and we mediate using predominantly Zoom.  This subsidized program allows for 2 hours mediation at no charge on narrow issues related to anything attached to children (parenting time, child support, mobility, expenses, post-secondary etc.)

We only have accredited family mediators – our success rate is close to 80%.     Mediation intake form