Family Mediation Training
• “I want to personally thank Lisa and Claudette for putting together such an engaging, thought provoking and interesting family mediation training. The practical tools that they provided, along with their passion and humour made the training not only compelling but memorable as well. I was very impressed with their ability to create an Inspiring and intimate atmosphere that engaged each one of us and allowed for deeper learning to take place. Their ability to teach in the moment, share their personal stories and learning around conflict made a tremendous impact on all of us — Highly recommended” Suzanne, Ottawa
• “HATED role playing at the beginning, but found it to be REALLY helpful, even to play the role of a parent and actually engage in their emotions!”

• “The Intimacy of the group – very comfortable, easy to speak up when wanted – never felt stupid!”

• “First, the two passionate trainers Lisa and Claudette were the first and primary reason the course was excellent. Secondly, the knowledge and years of experience combined between these two was amazing”

• “material was delivered in a fun way – loved the instructors – funny and laid back — appreciated the eye contact and no PowerPoint! ”

• “this course helped me realize the complexity of mediation” Windsor

• ‘such experienced trainers with significantly different styles really stresses and models the flexibility required to mediate. There is a huge range of techniques and “tricks” generously shared with participants. ..loved the warmth and hospitality…great organization” Ron, Aurora

Domestic Abuse
• “Lisa and Claudette are knowledgeable and passionate about their material. It was engaging, informative and fun. I’m happy to recommend this course to anyone interested in family mediation or arbitration.” Peter, Barrie

• “Up to date information on DV… typologies … knowledge and expertise of trainers”